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Dried Prickly Pear Cactus, Dried Tamarindo, and Chilies create a unique rub everyone should try!

Our rubs are a southwest spice mix inspired by the natural flavors of the Sonoran Desert that utilizes indigenous plants to create a unique rub that reflects the tastes and smells of the desert.


American Royal Association

Our Grand Canyon BBQ Cowboy Rub placed 7th out of 74 in the 2023 American Royal World Series of Barbecue Rub Contest, in Kansas, MO.

Kansas City Barbeque Society


Cowgirl Hot Legs

Cowgirl Hot Legs

I love chicken. I love it roasted, fried or baked. This recipe uses my favorite Grand Canyon BBQ rub and an oven or an air

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Our Story

Growing up in the arid lands of Arizona makes us experts at dry rubs.

The diversity of our state is unmatched, with deserts filled with statuesque saguaro cactus and rattlesnakes; to mountains with ponderosa pine trees, elk, and deer.